5-year renewable “della Rocca” guarantee
All of our timepieces are sold in perfect condition and accompanied by our “Della Rocca”Guarantee Certificate with a declaration of originality signed by our experts registered with the Bologna chamber of commerce and law courts, providing a 12 month guarantee renewable for up to 5 years.
The guarantee lists the characteristics of each item, brand, reference and serial numbers.

Guarantee renewal
Within the first year of purchase, our customers will receive a reminder that the guarantee is about to expire and you will be advised to send your purchase to our dedicated watch maintenance laboratory  to ensure every vintage and antique timepiece can proceed to guarantee renewal.

CHS SA Swiss International Archives
Our company protects its customers and guarantees them security of purchase by collaborating with CHS SA GENEVE, the Swiss international archives with which are registered watch serial numbers of collectors and dealers around the world.
In this way the watches sold in our boutique are certified as property of “della Rocca” and CHS SA issues a certificate bearing a security code in the name of the registrant which are subsequently passed on to the purchaser who is able to transfer the certificate to his or her name by consulting the following site:
An essential certification tool that reinforces the concept of a secure purchase in the used and vintage watch market.